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Welcome Message

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Teaneck United Methodist Church.


If you have never been to TUMC and are visiting this website, you probably are wondering what kind of church we are and looking to get a "peek" of our church family.   So let me share with you briefly about our church. 


If I were to describe what we are about as a church family using four words, they are "Life is Better Together."


We are a church that believes in the importance of relationships.  We believe that our God of Jesus Christ is God who exists in a Trinitarian relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We also believe that our faith in Christ is lived out in our relationship with others.   To us, Christian faith is not so much about subscribing to a certain set of religious doctrines as it is about being in relationship with a living God of Jesus Christ and living out the teachings in the Bible daily in our relationship with others.   So at TUMC, we value worship, fellowship, outreach and diversity, all of which are expressions of relationships and togetherness. 


Today, we live in a world that is suffering from violence, terror, division, and fear of many kinds, not to mention the struggles that we have in our own personal lives.  In a world like ours, we desperately need to learn how to live together because none of us can do it alone and life is indeed better together.  Together, we can overcome any challenges in life; together we can do greater things to make this world a better place for all people; together we can bring hope and healing in this world; together we can live out our prayer, "Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."   


We believe that God's work of salvation can be summed up as the work of "reconciliation and restoration."  God's work in and through us as God's people and God's church is to reconcile the world that has fallen away from God in sin to God again and restoring the broken relationships with God and with each other through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


We all know the saying,  "A picture paints a thousand words."   I hope I have given you a good picture of what we are about as God's church family.  But even a good picture cannot replace the power of experience and even a thousand words cannot tell the whole story.   So I invite you to come and worship with us, fellowship with us, be in ministry with us and be in relationship with us because "Life is Better Together." 


In Christ's Love,


Pastor Park      

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